Sativa Cannabis Strains to Off-set Addiction to Cocaine and Amphetamines

Also aids with Ecstasy, Molly and Crystal Meth

          STRAIN            EFFECT        COMPANY     PICTURE
White Russian Alert, Clear, Trippy Serious  White Russian 2
AK-47 Mellow, Cerebral, Spacey Serious  AK 47
AK-48 Cerebral Nirvana  AK 48
Arjan Haze # 1 Uplifting, Social Green House  Arjan Haze 1
Arjan  Haze #3 Creative Euphoric, Active Green House  Arjan 3 (2)
Arjan Ultra Haze #1 Meditative, Introspective Green House  arjans-ultra-haze-1
Arjan Ultra Haze #2 Giggly, Chatty, Social Green House  Ultra Haze #2
Strawberry Haze Creativity, Giggly Arjan  ArjansStrawberryHaze
Amnesia Haze Euphoric Soma’s Seeds  Amnesia Haze
Cannalope Haze Strong, Heady DNA  Cannalope Haze
Super Lemon Haze Uplifting, Creative Arjan  Super Lemon Haze
Dela Haze Uplifting, Active Paradise  delahaze 2
Dutch Haze Clear, Uplifting, Calming Dutch Passion  dutch haze
Hawaiian Haze Cerebral, Euphoric, Clear Arjan  1033515593Hawaiian-Haze
Nevil’s  Haze Strong, Cerebral, Psychedelic Federation  Nevil's Haze
Sage Cerebral, Alert T. H. Seeds  sage
Kali Mist Cerebral, Energetic Serious Seeds  Kali Mist
Cinderella 99 Uplifting, Giggly, Mental Gypsy Nirvana  Cinderella 99
Jack Herer Uplifting, Cerebral Green House  jack herer
Sour Diesel Up, Euphoric, Psychedelic Green House  sour diesel
New York City Diesel Up, Creative, Cerebral Soma Seeds  NYC diesel
Jack the Ripper Speedy, Trippy, Talkative T.G.A. Seeds  jack the ripper
Chocolope Euphoric D.N.A. Genetics  Cannalope Haze
                                     African Sativas and  Hybrids  
Ethiopian Highland Up, Creative African Seeds  ethiopian highland
Swazi Skunk Cerebral, Alert, Energetic African Seeds  swazi skunk
Malawi Gold Alert, Clear, Psychoactive African Seeds  malawi gold
Durban Poison Cerebral, Creative,Focused Dutch Passion  durban poison
Urban Poison Cheerful, Alert, Energetic Nirvana  urban-poison-1
Power Plant Strong, Uplifting, Giggly Dutch Passion

Swazi Safari Cerebral, Clear, Euphoric Flying Dutchmen  swazi safari


Raphael “Herb’n Monk” Hameed and his Sour Grape grow in Los Angeles 2010

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Sativa Cannabis Strains to Off-set Addiction to Cocaine and Amphetamines

Your life is like a house

150_740625-0 I was sitting here, thinking about what to write. How did I want to phrase it? What do I want it to contain? I’ve been writing for the purpose of trying to reach the masses…needless to say, I haven’t been successful and it’s frustrating. I’m largely an “all-or-nothing” personality, seeing the world in mostly terms of black and white (but critically aware of the grey areas I know to exist). With the help of my joint of honey oil and chem dog hybrid, the answer came to me – I’m not supposed to write for them; I’m supposed to write for me!  Now, maybe it’s just me and everyone else has it figured out, but to me, it might have been an “aha” moment, as Oprah would say. I’m not 100% sure because who knows how my understanding will be in 10 minutes after more of the high focuses my thoughts. The only complaint I have about this strain (grown by myself in our tiny little grow area) is that it makes me ditzy. Today I joked that I should have called it “Space Cadet”. WinkSo many times I have stood in the kitchen, can opener in hand, wondering for 10 minutes why I’m standing there and what am I supposed to do with this? I have to smirk to myself after a minute and put the can opener back in the drawer and go back and sit down because we don’t have a cat or dog and the munchies don’t necessarily include a can opener when one can forage.

It occurs to me that our life is like a house; it has walls – the part of us that makes up who we are – beliefs, sexual orientation, our preferences (the ones we’re born with, not the ones we learn to settle for) in regards to color, favorite this-and-that, political leanings (again, from gut instinct, not coaching).  The inner core is also important and basically dictates whether or not the outter core stands, chips, falls or is destroyed, either through usage or through self destructive choices. One’s life is a series of choices: yes? no? Every time we do things the right way and listen to gut instinct and make the correct choices, that improves our life; every time we don’t do things the right way and despite knowing the ramifications, make the wrong choices because we decide to, we damage our outer core just a little bit more. Those cracks can be mended, with love and understanding and forgiveness, but will never fully as strong as before. This is why marriages don’t last these days. We’re developed into such a lazy, visually motivated world (He’s so cute/ She’s beautiful) that we rush into a relationship, get married too fast without really knowing the person we’re with. When you marry someone, no matter how long you’ve known them, there’s still the chance that they may go left-field on you without warning or that you will continue to ceases to communicate. Hop from the back seat to the bed to the alter and  you’re often taking your emotional life into your hands.

Only we  can decide how strong we want our house to be. We make a lot of bad decisions early in life but eventually we grow up and then we can take control over our own lives. There will always be people around us telling us what to do- such is the nature of living around laws- but ultimately, we must choose the ones that benefit our life and those that we choose to implement in order for others in our lives not to be harmed in any way. Laws are only as good as the context in which they stand. No, you should never steal – but should you find yourself in a position where your child is hungry and you have no money, I have no problem with gleaning in order for my child to be filled. Sue me – laws are meant to control when they should be meant to help ALL instead of a FEW. I’m thankful that I have never been in that position (plenty of years on food stamps and food pantry recipient but never had to steal, thank God, because as I say, I can’t lie my way out of a wet paper sack.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Appreciate it so very much.

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Your life is like a house

Only Rescheduling Will Do

150_740625-0 For weeks, I have been thinking about something: legalization is all well and good and I’m delighted to see so many states legalizing for medical reasons. This year celebrates at least 4 states that have legalized for recreational use but that privilege comes at a cost – and with strings attached. In Colorado, Denver has so many recreational shops they have an area they termed “the Green Mile” (Clever, no?) but in Colorado Springs, just an hour or two south of Denver, no recreational shops at all. Why? Because even though the PEOPLE said, “Hell yeah” to legalization, the CITY said, “Fuck no” to recreational shops. Fair? Of course not but anyone who’s watched the PTB’s long enough knows that it doesn’t matter what the people want if those (with the money and influence) don’t want it. And they didn’t want cannabis – didn’t want anyone getting in the way of the yard they guard. Can’t be having the little guy making a buck or having their dreams fulfilled – that’d just be crazy!

In addition to this, it’s almost impossible to get hired at a Dispensary or in the marijuana business at all without having to travel the lengths and breadth of the earth with lashings aplenty. Nor can we get a job at anywhere else without having to cheat our way to it (faking clean urine, whatever, EVEN AS A PATIENT) or go unemployed. It’s all bullshit. Finding a position in one’s chosen field should NOT be this difficult!

With this in mind, I have come to this conclusion: legalization is awesome but not good enough. Even though Congress did make it so that the Federal Government can’t mess with the states any more that legalize for medical purposes (a redundancy if I ever heard one as cannabis is medicinal by nature), that doesn’t protect the people at all. Case in point? The same time they HID IN THE BUDGET that the Federal Government can’t mess with the states, they also took the opportunity to tell Washington D.C. to go fuck themselves by disallowing recreational use when the people (with something like 70% in favor) had just finished legalizing it. Yes, there’s some mealy-mouthed crap going on with the new Attorney General trying to talk out both sides of his mouth so at this moment, all he manages to say is that the people can’t do what they want to do – but the bill they passed isn’t irrelevant either. What the hell does that even mean? We need Cannabis lawyers to take on all the stories that come forward; dumb it down for us who don’t speak legalese.

Listen up. Only one thing will help our cause. Reschedule. Period. Nothing else will do. We have to legalize/reclassify it FEDERALLY because the states (who bitch about too much government) will fold like cheap suits if the Federal Government backs off and reclassifies what everyone knows to be true – cannabis is amazing shit. Doing so will take away the excuses that the states tote now – it’s still Federally illegal – and will (I hope) allow for the full potential of the cannabis plant to be utilized.


The plants save children (our future) and our parents and relationships (peace, heals cancer & illnesses galore – thus, our present). Please stand up and defend what’s right. The old adage “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” is so true! squeeeeak, squeeeeak, squeeeeak!! .

If you don’t step up; won’t nothing happen. If you’re scared to step forward, remember that this is a plant that can HELP everyone, so unless you don’t have a crap about anyone else, this can only help YOU/ME.


Only Rescheduling Will Do

Let’s Rethink Cannabis


I don’t believe it’s of any surprise that I’m in favor of legalization. My nickname is  Holy Hempress so if no one caught it, they’re really not paying attention. Surely the pictures of CANNABIS were a give-a-way?  Ha, Ha!







WinkIncidentally, I’m not only a FAN of cannabis, I believe it to be my GOD-GIVEN right to smoke it, eat it, turn it into hash oil and/or use it as holy oil and as a direct link, it’s my RESPONSIBILITY to teach and reeducate people who have grown up listening to the rhetoric that has followed it for years.  And no one can tell me different.





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God put this plant on earth and it has medicinal purpose just as cocoa leaves, opium and all other things on this earth do. Unfortunately, “man” is an arrogant, egotistical so-and-so and is FOREVER doing stuff to mess up the wonderful things God has given to us for our use (adding man made products to create heroin and crack, for example). 

Eric Holder


This morning I came across this petition on Facebook. It should be noted that I am one of those people who’ll cross the street to avoid a confrontation or possible conflict but sometimes one has to roll up their proverbial sleeves and be willing to be counted- even if it has negative results. Hopefully that’s not the case with this one. The petition I am talking about was to order Eric Holder  to order a scientific and medical evaluation on cannabis.

** I would be monumentally grateful if everyone who reads this would consider going to the page and signing this petition.**


Screen-Shot-2014-04-02-at-11.45.59-AM-750x668It’s abundantly clear that the majority of American citizens want cannabis legalized. For medical purposes or recreationally, it’s the same thing. Cannabis is medical by definition (as I’ve said in other blogs). The lack of legalization has nothing to do with our safety – or even our children. They’re spending the afternoon at school being bullied, bullying others, seducing and being seduced by other kids and grown teachers, huffing paint and other products. Marijuana should be the least of their concerns- in fact, if they had it, maybe they’d come home and park it for a change instead of going out making stupid decisions with far reaching consequences.





I truly hope that this blog reaches someone and causes them to think. We’re used to being monitored and accept whatever is directed towards us as Gospel. I don’t think that’s particularly healthy. One of the reasons that the P.T.B.’s do NOT want cannabis legal is because cannabis causes us to think and question. If they can keep us in Matrix format, we’re easy to control; if we take the RED pill and pull out of that mentality and realize we’re so much more bigger and smarter and full of possibility than we ever dreamed possible, and that no one can stop us if we set our minds to it, we would be dangerous indeed! We might even change the world for the better!! So let’s smoke a bowl and change the world!!



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Drop the “Medical” bit, already!

My beautiful picture Alright
, enough is enough, already! This “medical” crap in regard to Marijuana is totally redundant and we’re far enough advanced so that we can drop that part! Why? Because MARIJUANA IS MEDICAL BY DEFINITION – an HERB, folks!! It’s like calling it “medical surgery”…uh, do I have to explain that?  😉 

 I don’t come by this thought lightly. It’s been called “Medical Marijuana” for a really long time (even though it was redundant) and I don’t want to change the ENTIRE climate- only the stigma that surrounds it, which is completely uncalled for.

 I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the climate concerning marijuana is changing – fast. Yahoo is a fabulous site for getting much of your marijuana news so I’m going to plug them here – you guys seriously rock!!! Today’s link(s) include:

Common SenseThis is such common sense! I don’t know WHY people have to be told some things.  Don’t be stupid – be smart; you only make it hard on everyone else who IS responsible! This goes just as strongly for those who work and smoke. It’s partly BECAUSE people show up at work high that laws have been implemented demanding piss-tests for perspective employees making it so honest people (like me) have to choose between cheating in order to get hired anywhere and going jobless and broke, dependent on the system (the other part is the government and the state are bullies and that’s not your fault, it just is what it is). 

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We’ve come a long way in the fight to legalize marijuana but we have a long, long way to go before it’s where it should have been this entire time. Too many people are unaware of this because they are pot-heads, completely unaware of the impact that legalizing cannabis can and will and should have on this country – and even this world. They’re too busy getting high with no regard as to this subject’s true importance. Others, my husband, Raphael AKA The  Herb’n Monk (pictured to the left) and myself as a far more recent “convert”  would be on the “connoisseur” side of this amazing plant. There are millions of us, I would think it’d be safe to say. We are the ones who are posting to Facebook (and other social sites, including here at WordPress) about it every day, letting others know about the economic, recreational and medical side, starting conversations among fellow-tokers and non-tokers going towards the end (goal) of (and this is huge for me– check out my website at reeducation, for there is no more important subject going on, RIGHT NOW, than this, though folks at the NRA, Women’s Rights issues, Military, etc., would undoubtedly disagree as the full legalization, decriminalization and declassification of cannabis would affect all those programs a great deal. Why? Because cannabis leads to PEACE and PEACE leans to  NON wars and NON violence and peace doesn’t make money like war does. Capitalism is a double edged sword.

courses-_wordle2You know, as I sit here, highly medicated and thinkin’, it occurs to me that a world fueled by non-toxins cannabis use could (potentially) lead to a society that can work and live in the same area, disagreeing with each on occasion but a total lack of (negative) ego, leading towards peace because people understand that they are differences -in looks, race, ethnic backgrounds, etc., and that there’s nothing wrong with those differences, instead of our perceiving others thoughts, actions, decisions and opinions to be personal attacks against us. As a result, there is more equality because everyone is recognized as existing, not just a few deemed “special” (for example an actress would have the same level of importance, throughout society, as a factory worker would because both fulfill a role, both are evenly and decently paid and no one is thought of as more important than the other.

By contrast, a society fueled by toxins, such as alcohol, would lead to, well, a world like the one we live in. And this issue doesn’t just get laid at the feet of capitalism either. The end result is the opposite of the above mentioned. Very little positive comes of it that involves everyone. Sure, some get wealthy, but that affects only so many; the rest suffering means nothing to anyone other than themselves.

In closingand closing I must, let me post this thing I just made. It’s something to think about and contemplate: I recommend a good sativa if at all possible!

What would this world look like




Drop the “Medical” bit, already!

Saying HIGH, Person to Person :-D

Hello, everyone!! I wanted to introduce myself (properly) to you all, person to person, so to speak. The little guy is Ishaq, my five-year-old son. He’s amazing but five…and amazing and…FIVE! ROFL Darling, isn’t he?

PPP and spread the news: cannabis is essential, it is wonderful and it is going to pull the United States out of debt and step the rising tide of violence if enough people will lift their voices and stop acting like “sheeple”. The Creator gave us ALL brain matter and it’s far past time to start using it and exercising our rights as Unites States of America.

Holy Hempress


It’s “official” :-) PPP

All, right, if it wasn’t obvious before, let me stand up with millions of other people and say this…I’ve come out of the closet! I’m “officially” changing my name to Holy  Hempress (after all, I am married to the Herb’n Monk)!! Of course I’m still Mrs Hameed 😉 but  I’m also morphing into…something – where it ends, only my Creator knows! Should be an interesting journey!

I’ve been writing a long time. I love to write and I find it very therapeutic! There’s so much controversy concerning cannabis and the legalization of it – understandable, really, if you consider than anything the Creator made is hated or tainted by man. No doubt about it – man is a trip. Egotistical, arrogant, hard-headed. But there are people who are willing to learn; willing to obey even when it’s opposed to the flesh. I’m one of those people who are willing to learn – willing to hear what needs to hear, not so much because I’m such a great person but because I’ve learned over the years that part of it is genetic and part of it is training and maturity. As the Bible says, “When I was a man (woman), I put away childish things…” and as anyone who has children knows, Children want their own way; they want to fight against everything adults tell them to do (you ought to meet mines – you would understand if you don’t already).

Heidi 2

I will be more active here on WordPress, God willing. I am working on setting up a work-at-home experience since I need to work, I am in the business and love cannabis, having found it helps me very much.

May the Creator bless you and keep you. I welcome communication!

Puff Puff Pass!

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It’s “official” :-) PPP

The Bible’s Stance on Cannabis

As anyone who comes to this site and my Facebook and my face can attest, I am a HUGE proponent of cannabis- the legalization, the imbibing and the Reeducation of it. I believe it to be a Constitutional right of mine and even more importantly, a SPIRITUAL right of mine. My FATHER made this wonderful plant and as usual, he did it to the extreme! Thousands of strains have come into existence because people used the creative energies they have to breed them, clone them, use the properties contained in them to heal illnesses that modern medicine can’t touch without causing side effects that are worse than the disease being  treated.  

A few minutes ago, while checking FB, I came across this picture and loved it!! 

For months, Raphael and I have done our part to bring awareness to people of the benefits, along with a host of others: Rick Simpson, Deannajean Fact and so many others, it’s hard to keep track! I love all these people; I thank God for people with spine enough to look to the healing of mankind. We all have work to do in our own lives. Lessons are nearly always born out of our own physical and emotional needs and this plant and the lessons we’ve learned from it are no exception! Personally, I have PTSD and it helps me sleep and feel refreshed the next day so that I can go to work and help as many people as possible without the depression seeping in and ruining my day before it’s even begun.

I thank my Father for creating this plant and I thank my husband for his knowledge and direction in learning and experiencing new things!

The Bible’s Stance on Cannabis