Sativa Cannabis Strains to Off-set Addiction to Cocaine and Amphetamines

Also aids with Ecstasy, Molly and Crystal Meth

          STRAIN            EFFECT        COMPANY     PICTURE
White Russian Alert, Clear, Trippy Serious  White Russian 2
AK-47 Mellow, Cerebral, Spacey Serious  AK 47
AK-48 Cerebral Nirvana  AK 48
Arjan Haze # 1 Uplifting, Social Green House  Arjan Haze 1
Arjan  Haze #3 Creative Euphoric, Active Green House  Arjan 3 (2)
Arjan Ultra Haze #1 Meditative, Introspective Green House  arjans-ultra-haze-1
Arjan Ultra Haze #2 Giggly, Chatty, Social Green House  Ultra Haze #2
Strawberry Haze Creativity, Giggly Arjan  ArjansStrawberryHaze
Amnesia Haze Euphoric Soma’s Seeds  Amnesia Haze
Cannalope Haze Strong, Heady DNA  Cannalope Haze
Super Lemon Haze Uplifting, Creative Arjan  Super Lemon Haze
Dela Haze Uplifting, Active Paradise  delahaze 2
Dutch Haze Clear, Uplifting, Calming Dutch Passion  dutch haze
Hawaiian Haze Cerebral, Euphoric, Clear Arjan  1033515593Hawaiian-Haze
Nevil’s  Haze Strong, Cerebral, Psychedelic Federation  Nevil's Haze
Sage Cerebral, Alert T. H. Seeds  sage
Kali Mist Cerebral, Energetic Serious Seeds  Kali Mist
Cinderella 99 Uplifting, Giggly, Mental Gypsy Nirvana  Cinderella 99
Jack Herer Uplifting, Cerebral Green House  jack herer
Sour Diesel Up, Euphoric, Psychedelic Green House  sour diesel
New York City Diesel Up, Creative, Cerebral Soma Seeds  NYC diesel
Jack the Ripper Speedy, Trippy, Talkative T.G.A. Seeds  jack the ripper
Chocolope Euphoric D.N.A. Genetics  Cannalope Haze
                                     African Sativas and  Hybrids  
Ethiopian Highland Up, Creative African Seeds  ethiopian highland
Swazi Skunk Cerebral, Alert, Energetic African Seeds  swazi skunk
Malawi Gold Alert, Clear, Psychoactive African Seeds  malawi gold
Durban Poison Cerebral, Creative,Focused Dutch Passion  durban poison
Urban Poison Cheerful, Alert, Energetic Nirvana  urban-poison-1
Power Plant Strong, Uplifting, Giggly Dutch Passion

Swazi Safari Cerebral, Clear, Euphoric Flying Dutchmen  swazi safari


Raphael “Herb’n Monk” Hameed and his Sour Grape grow in Los Angeles 2010

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Sativa Cannabis Strains to Off-set Addiction to Cocaine and Amphetamines

Let’s Rethink Cannabis


I don’t believe it’s of any surprise that I’m in favor of legalization. My nickname is  Holy Hempress so if no one caught it, they’re really not paying attention. Surely the pictures of CANNABIS were a give-a-way?  Ha, Ha!







WinkIncidentally, I’m not only a FAN of cannabis, I believe it to be my GOD-GIVEN right to smoke it, eat it, turn it into hash oil and/or use it as holy oil and as a direct link, it’s my RESPONSIBILITY to teach and reeducate people who have grown up listening to the rhetoric that has followed it for years.  And no one can tell me different.





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God put this plant on earth and it has medicinal purpose just as cocoa leaves, opium and all other things on this earth do. Unfortunately, “man” is an arrogant, egotistical so-and-so and is FOREVER doing stuff to mess up the wonderful things God has given to us for our use (adding man made products to create heroin and crack, for example). 

Eric Holder


This morning I came across this petition on Facebook. It should be noted that I am one of those people who’ll cross the street to avoid a confrontation or possible conflict but sometimes one has to roll up their proverbial sleeves and be willing to be counted- even if it has negative results. Hopefully that’s not the case with this one. The petition I am talking about was to order Eric Holder  to order a scientific and medical evaluation on cannabis.

** I would be monumentally grateful if everyone who reads this would consider going to the page and signing this petition.**


Screen-Shot-2014-04-02-at-11.45.59-AM-750x668It’s abundantly clear that the majority of American citizens want cannabis legalized. For medical purposes or recreationally, it’s the same thing. Cannabis is medical by definition (as I’ve said in other blogs). The lack of legalization has nothing to do with our safety – or even our children. They’re spending the afternoon at school being bullied, bullying others, seducing and being seduced by other kids and grown teachers, huffing paint and other products. Marijuana should be the least of their concerns- in fact, if they had it, maybe they’d come home and park it for a change instead of going out making stupid decisions with far reaching consequences.





I truly hope that this blog reaches someone and causes them to think. We’re used to being monitored and accept whatever is directed towards us as Gospel. I don’t think that’s particularly healthy. One of the reasons that the P.T.B.’s do NOT want cannabis legal is because cannabis causes us to think and question. If they can keep us in Matrix format, we’re easy to control; if we take the RED pill and pull out of that mentality and realize we’re so much more bigger and smarter and full of possibility than we ever dreamed possible, and that no one can stop us if we set our minds to it, we would be dangerous indeed! We might even change the world for the better!! So let’s smoke a bowl and change the world!!



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Las cepas especiales Herb’n Monk Situación

Cool & Wet cepas durante la temporada:
New Purple Power (Nirvana) … Kandy olor agrio, 56-63 días. Puple Haze x Early Skunk (S) 1-2 lbs. 6 pies de planta
KC-33 de limón (KC Brains) olor, 63-77 días. Afghani Haze / Ucrania (E / S) 60/40 Cerebral-900 g / planta
T.N.R. (KC Brains) 70-84 días. Planta de 12 pies. 1 kg. palillos tailandeses
KC-45 (KC Brains) Muy limón-Auto Flor. 56-70 días – Medio septiembre S / R 50 50/Ruderalis
Mangolian Indica (Sagarmatha)
Balladonna (Paraíso) Trippy. 60 días – con sabor a fruta y picante
Lowryder # 2 (High semillas mejoradas por Joint Doctor) 56 días (la semilla hasta la cosecha). 10-16 pulgadas de alto.
Sky Endless (Green Thumb)
AUTO dulce 105 (105 semillas días para terminar)
La Iglesia (Green House) 63 días

Las cepas de bajo Oler:
Chocolate Chunk (I): 55-62 días (T.H.Seeds)
Master Kush (E / S): 63-70 días (Nirvana)

Limón Citrus-no (Pot) Oler:
Cleaner-Jack (Semillas TGA)
Jack The Ripper (Semillas TGA) (80/20 ) 56-63 días, 3 pies
KC-33 (KC Brains)
KC-45 (KC Brains)
Leda Una (KC Brains)
El Niño (Greenhouse Co)
Jilly Bean – (Semillas TGA) AKA Mz Jill 56-63 días: Mangos dulces, demasiado maduro, piña y naranja confitada con armónicos. N.P.S.
Mazar (Pasión holandés): 56/63 días – pino y sándalo
Strawberry Haze Arjan (Greenhouse Seeds): 75 días de fresa aroma bayas y flores /

De seis a siete cepas Semana Florecientes:
Sky Endless (Greenthumb): 42-50 días
Mikado (Federación): 42-45 días
Northern Lights (Sensi Seed Bank): 45-50 días
Shark Shock (Banco de Semillas Mr. Nice): 40-45 días
Super Skunk (Sensi Seed Bank): 45-50 días
Negro Domina (Sensi Seed Bank): 50 días
California Indica (Sensi Seed Bank): 45-50 días
Antes de Cristo Dulce Dios (BC Bud Depot): 40-50 días
Antes de Cristo Sweet Tooth (BC Bud Depot): 40-50 días
Lowryder # 2 (High semillas mejoradas por Joint Doctor): 56-60 días (semilla hasta la cosecha) Autoflower
Dutch Treat X Northern Light (East Island Seed Co.): 50 días
Mikush (Federación Seed Co.): 50 días

Las cepas especiales Herb’n Monk Situación

Herb’n Monk’s Special Situation Strains

Cool & Wet Season Strains:

  1. New Purple Power (Nirvana)…Sour Kandy smell, 56-63 days. Puple Haze X Early Skunk (S) 1-2 lbs. 6 foot plant
  2. KC-33 (KC Brains) lemon smell, 63-77 days. Afghani Haze/Ukranian (I/S) 60/40 Cerebral-900 g/plant
  3. T.N.R. (KC Brains) 70-84 days. 12 foot plant. 1 kg. Thai Sticks
  4. KC-45 (KC Brains) Very lemony-Auto Flower. 56-70 days – Mid Sept S/R 50/Ruderalis 50
  5. Mangolian Indica (Sagarmatha)
  6. Balladonna (Paradise) Trippy. 60 days – Fruity & Pungent
  7. Lowryder #2 (High Bred Seeds by Joint Doctor) 56 days (seed to harvest). 10-16 inches high.
  8. Endless Sky(Green Thumb)
  9. Sweet 105 (105 days seed to finish) AUTO
  10. The Church (Green House) 63 days

Low Smelling Strains:

  1. Chocolate Chunk (I): 55-62 days (T.H.Seeds)
  2. Master Kush (I/S): 63-70 days (Nirvana)

Lemon-Citrus-Non (Pot) Smelling:

  1. Jack’s Cleaner- (TGA Seeds)
  2. Jack The Ripper (TGA Seeds)  (80/20 <S/I>) 56-63 days, 3 foot
  3. KC-33 (KC Brains)
  4. KC-45 (KC Brains)
  5. Leda Una (KC Brains)
  6. El Nino (Greenhouse Co)
  7. Jilly Bean – (TGA Seeds) AKA Mz Jill 56-63 days: Sweet, Overripe Mangos, Pineapples & Orange with candied overtone. N.P.S.
  8. Mazar (Dutch Passion):56/63 days – Pine & Sandalwood
  9. Arjan’s Strawberry Haze-(Greenhouse Seeds):75 days-Strawberry aroma and blossoms/berries

Six to Seven Week Flowering Strains:

  1. Endless Sky (Greenthumb): 42-50 days
  2. Mikado (Federation): 42-45 days
  3. Northern Lights (Sensi Seed Bank): 45-50 days
  4. Shark Shock (Mr. Nice Seed Bank): 40-45 days
  5. Super Skunk (Sensi Seed Bank): 45-50 days
  6. Black Domina (Sensi Seed Bank): 50 days
  7. California Indica (Sensi Seed Bank): 45-50 days
  8. B.C. Sweet God (BC Bud Depot): 40-50 days
  9. B.C. Sweet Tooth (BC Bud Depot): 40-50 days
  10. Lowryder #2 (High Bred Seeds by Joint Doctor): 56-60 days (seed to harvest)  Autoflower
  11. Dutch Treat X Northern Light (East Island Seed Co.): 50 days
  12. Mikush (Federation Seed Co.): 50 days
Herb’n Monk’s Special Situation Strains