We’re Part of it Too

WP_20150312_027 It’s no secret that cannabis, and the cannabis-legalization movement- is escalating, even to the point of senators on both sides of the isle getting involved. Twenty three states and Washington D.C. have legalized for medicinal use and four states have legalized for recreational purposes (remember these are STATES that have legalized recreationally, this doesn’t mean that counties/towns/cities honor this because most don’t.  I am not getting into that; that’s another post Wink ). As time progresses, more and more states are getting involved and moving forward with legalization, for both medicinal and recreational purposes. I just read that according to High Times (http://www.hightimes.com/read/global-coalition-attempts-change-un-policy-medical-marijuana) the push for legalization of medical marijuana has increased to the point that the Global Coalition tried to change UN policy.

This is excellent progress and it makes me very happy to know this but there’s another aspect of this issue which is far more troubling to me. Cannabis legalization is for the rich – the 1% who are the only one with the means to buy and run dispensaries (usually multiple) while the people who buy the cannabis  and keep the dispensaries and recreational stores going are the common people (99%) like myself and so many others who spend hard earned money to keep the rich going. Yes, a lot of us grow our own meds but if you’ve grown at all, you know that it takes TIME for it to go from seed/clone to maturity, usually around 5-9 months if not longer and while you’re waiting for it to grow (unless you have space to have multiple grows going at various speeds simultaneously), you need your meds now.

I long to see the industry reach out to the people who love cannabis as much as they do. There are celebrities who are outspokenly in favor of legalization (Tommy Chong, James Franco, just to name a couple) and they should all use their positions to uplift the ones who have no real voice. It shouldn’t be so difficult for average person to get into the business. As I’ve stated before, in another blog (https://heidihameed.wordpress.com/2015/01/29/cannabis-for-everyone), cannabis needs to be either rescheduled – or better yet, DE-scheduled – so that anyone who wants to grow can grow. Cannabis is an herb with healing properties and growing it is easy and it’s highly rewarding. It could also be highly profitable even if it’s being grown and sold to do such basic of stuff as cover rent for a year or put your kids through school or whatever else you need money for. As a person who’s never had extra means, it is my fervent wish that others (and myself) be able to provide for ourselves and our kids without having to rely on food stamps, medicaid and other government programs. American’s should be allowed to be Americans, to live the American dream and pass our knowledge and finances (that we’ve accumulated ourselves) onto our kids and grandchildren. The rules and regulations that govern this land are all well and good until they make the Constitution of no effect which is what happens every time a person wants to do something and it’s what we’d term a “victim-less crime (which if you think about it is a contradiction in terms)”.

Let’s get cannabis legalized – completely and totally. There’s enough supply AND demand so that everyone who wants to grow, should. As Americans, growing up here in this country, we’re so accustomed to being controlled by Uncle Sam, rules and regulations and laws (whether they benefit mankind or not) that we don’t even think about them, much less fight against the ones that need to be rebelled against. When people refer to us as sheeple, it’s a phrase that should carry a ring of truth if it weren’t just a phrase that few understand. We’re a country of cliches, no question!

Other people can do what they want; as for me, I will never stop doing my part to carry the message across that we need to legalize for good. People are always going to buy pharmaceuticals and they’re always going to buy and sell and drink liquor. Yes, there would be more competition but isn’t that the point of competition?   WP_20150312_037

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We’re Part of it Too

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