Legal vs Ethical

Anyone who knows me or has read anything I wrote knows I’m a proponent of pot, though I am NOT a pot-head according to the traditional definition of the word. No Cheech and Chong-like activities from me!

10696213_10152283782781256_481274199477500203_n I always have and probably always will struggle with the notion of right and wrong as opposed to legal and illegal. I’m inclined to see the world largely in terms of black and white though experience and life have long ago taught me that there are an almost unlimited number of grey areas in all realities. As such, one of the areas I’ve struggled with is the legal and the ethical. Are they the same thing? Can I choose between them and stay out of jail? As an American, I know I have some options…democracy is a double edged sword and can be very advantageous when one is self-searching or destructive depending on what side you sit. As one of those born with no “silver spoon”, I have fewer options, economically and/or politically speaking, than, say someone born of the Kennedy’s or the Rockerfellers (for example), or any other family that has built their lives and wealth on the backs of others (like myself) whom they could step on who were too inconsequential to matter; basically selling death and destruction (liquor, for example).

WP_20141020_13_36_57_Pro We have, before us, this cannabis issue. As a child of God, I find myself in a paradigm of indecision. That is to say I used to before I came to peace with myself and learned a few things. Even though I long ago learned that legal and morals are different subjects, often one reflects the other. For example, abortion is legal…but immoral (according to those who are pro-life). Ecclesiastes 3 says that there’s a time and place for everything and no one is perfect although for me, personally, not something I could do for any reason. Then there’s gay marriage. Again, same story. Legal (in some states) but immoral (according to the teachings of the Bible that’s taught by the majority of churches). Now, there’s cannabis. Legal in some states but…wait! Is it immoral? Let’s study that for a minute. Cannabis. Something that people smoke, eat, make supplies out of, heals people of cancer…legal but treated as if it’s illegal. The voters made it clear they wanted it legalized so it gets legalized and then politicians step forward and find ways to strip us of our rights effectively flipping us off and telling us that it doesn’t matter what we want…if what we want is inconvenient or threatens other agendas that would conflict <paramedical for example> with it, then screw us and there’s nothing we can do because at the same time this is going on, those with connections within the industry are screwing us from the other angle; either we’re not connected or we have bad credit or…pick a reason.


Cannabis needs to be federally legalized. Legalizing will accomplish a number of things: it will pave the way for states to stop discriminating against users, medically and otherwise. It will open the door for the kind of study (scientifically speaking) it should have been getting this whole time . It will, if done right, help average citizens to fulfill dreams they might have had for a long time but have been unable to move forward due to it’s legal status. It also needs to be educated corrected to our kids. Now that it’s legal in Colorado, one excuse after another has come up with to take our rights away. Using our kids as a dartboard, they talk about the dangers of our kids getting into the pot. Meanwhile, people are moving here in droves to get their kids the help they need through the use of Charlotte’s Web

 and  Phoenix Tears. 
Clearly, it’s working.

01 Cannabis-Cures-Cancer

So what’s the next step, I wonder. What’s it going to take to get it totally legalized, especially in light of the fact that we, who believe in it, can’t even seem to come to peace with each other and work together. I don’t know. Maybe we’re doomed to just crash and burn given our “musical chairs” mentality. Always got to have our way; always ready to shove someone out of the way to get in front of them. Maybe THAT’s why it’s not legal. Cannabis makes us want to socialize and think of other people; alcohol and other drugs don’t have that affect in any way. It’s more along out “nature” – that whole ME, ME, ME side that we naturally have. It could be said that cannabis is us  as God would have us; alcohol is us with no God, no morals, totally selfish.


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Legal vs Ethical

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