I Blame Obama For My hair being Thin

Why has 121007102949-obama-swing-story-top become such a convenient



for everything that has ever happened, to hear people tell it. If it’s cloudy today, it’s probably because Obama sneezed last Tuesday at 6 p.m. and if it rained yesterday it’s because he forgot to drink coffee on the morning of September 11, 2001 and that’s what caused the planes to fly into the towers. Sound ludicrous? Yeah, that’s how blaming him sounds to me- stupid, idiotic and racist as hell.
George-W-Bush_2234660bWhen Bush got us in to a war that has cost thousands of lives, billions of dollars between the cost of war, the lives lost, the soldiers returned all messed up with physical and mental issues that will last for the rest of their lives and  and  no one said shit and at the beginning were totally on board with him because he PLAYED on people’s ANGER and HORROR of all those lives lost in the  towers. He convinced us of who the enemy was, made up some shit and we, typical SHEEPLE that we are, stood by and let him, believing that if we didn’t do something they’d be “baaaa-ck” to finish the job. We swallowed everything that the media fed us (Fox news is not the only news that is totally and completely biased in whatever direction they want to go) and didn’t bother to take the time to study to make sure what they fed us wasn’t’ poisoned to the core. Even worse, we haven’t said a word against this man – we’re too busy acting like Obama is the anti-Christ (and most don’t even BELIEVE in the anti-Christ!)

I am not going to lie or try to be something that I’m not. I love my president and although I do not agree with everything he stands for or is doing, I see him as the best way to move forward and not be stuck in the middle ages when it comes to what the poor can do in this country (the rich have money which means they can buy anything- including a trip out of this country if it came to that) – the poor (and there’s hardly a middle class anymore so that would encompass anyone not in the “1 %”. He brought us out of the recession, regardless of the fact that the devil Boehner was attempting to block his every move. Idiots like Rush Limbaugh running their mouths, saying they  ‘Hoped he’d fail” and all this crap. Well, he DIDN’T fail, you dick and he’s light years ahead of your drug addicted ass, so why don’t you go somewhere and read up on what being a “true American” is all about (because unless you have Native American blood flowing through your veins, you can’t even MAKE that claim) and even if you DID/DO, common courtesy dictates you give the man a chance.  You want to see what we are teaching our children (and it’s patent bull****!)? This is what I found on Google Images today: Thanks-Obama-65978128205

Really? This is the kind of message we want to leave our kids with? Remember this is an actual child that someone is not-too-subtly indoctrinated!

I really wish people would hop off  the “Obamacare” bandwagon. It’s NOT “Obama Care”, it’s Affordable Care and if a person has to have a drivers license to drive a car, they should have a medical card of some kind because everyone gets sick sometimes. Some get sick and stay that way for life. This isn’t a safe world we live in. Did you think it was going to just smooth itself out, this care act? When did anything ever work that well, first time into it? Of course there were  hiccups in the system, and I believe that there were additional threats as well: people manipulating the system, the databases, the website, etc. Instead of getting angry at Obama for thinking about the little guy, why don’t we get pissed at the employers who refuse to work with the system – who are so worried about towing the company line and that profit margin that they won’t pay their employees a decent friggen wage? Far as I can see, President Obama is the only president since Carter who’s even recognized that the poor exist- and are getting a really raw deal!

Listen, I recognize people’s rights to have an opinion in the country. Maybe you approve of the job the president is doing; maybe you don’t. The point of this blog is NOT to convince you. Few know better than I that shoving one belief down another’s throat is useful as teats on a bull.

I have been working on this blog for days. As always, when wading into unfamiliar territory, I am afraid to say the wrong thing or convey a message to people who don’t agree and might have something to say. For once, I hope so.

See you all soon!! Have a fabulous day and remember where you come from; never forget!!

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I Blame Obama For My hair being Thin

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