Drop the “Medical” bit, already!

My beautiful picture Alright
, enough is enough, already! This “medical” crap in regard to Marijuana is totally redundant and we’re far enough advanced so that we can drop that part! Why? Because MARIJUANA IS MEDICAL BY DEFINITION – an HERB, folks!! It’s like calling it “medical surgery”…uh, do I have to explain that?  😉 

 I don’t come by this thought lightly. It’s been called “Medical Marijuana” for a really long time (even though it was redundant) and I don’t want to change the ENTIRE climate- only the stigma that surrounds it, which is completely uncalled for.

 I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the climate concerning marijuana is changing – fast. Yahoo is a fabulous site for getting much of your marijuana news so I’m going to plug them here – you guys seriously rock!!! Today’s link(s) include:

Common SenseThis is such common sense! I don’t know WHY people have to be told some things.  Don’t be stupid – be smart; you only make it hard on everyone else who IS responsible! This goes just as strongly for those who work and smoke. It’s partly BECAUSE people show up at work high that laws have been implemented demanding piss-tests for perspective employees making it so honest people (like me) have to choose between cheating in order to get hired anywhere and going jobless and broke, dependent on the system (the other part is the government and the state are bullies and that’s not your fault, it just is what it is). 

My beautiful picture

We’ve come a long way in the fight to legalize marijuana but we have a long, long way to go before it’s where it should have been this entire time. Too many people are unaware of this because they are pot-heads, completely unaware of the impact that legalizing cannabis can and will and should have on this country – and even this world. They’re too busy getting high with no regard as to this subject’s true importance. Others, my husband, Raphael AKA The  Herb’n Monk (pictured to the left) and myself as a far more recent “convert”  would be on the “connoisseur” side of this amazing plant. There are millions of us, I would think it’d be safe to say. We are the ones who are posting to Facebook (and other social sites, including here at WordPress) about it every day, letting others know about the economic, recreational and medical side, starting conversations among fellow-tokers and non-tokers going towards the end (goal) of (and this is huge for me– check out my website at http://www.hijoyhameed.webs.com/) reeducation, for there is no more important subject going on, RIGHT NOW, than this, though folks at the NRA, Women’s Rights issues, Military, etc., would undoubtedly disagree as the full legalization, decriminalization and declassification of cannabis would affect all those programs a great deal. Why? Because cannabis leads to PEACE and PEACE leans to  NON wars and NON violence and peace doesn’t make money like war does. Capitalism is a double edged sword.

courses-_wordle2You know, as I sit here, highly medicated and thinkin’, it occurs to me that a world fueled by non-toxins cannabis use could (potentially) lead to a society that can work and live in the same area, disagreeing with each on occasion but a total lack of (negative) ego, leading towards peace because people understand that they are differences -in looks, race, ethnic backgrounds, etc., and that there’s nothing wrong with those differences, instead of our perceiving others thoughts, actions, decisions and opinions to be personal attacks against us. As a result, there is more equality because everyone is recognized as existing, not just a few deemed “special” (for example an actress would have the same level of importance, throughout society, as a factory worker would because both fulfill a role, both are evenly and decently paid and no one is thought of as more important than the other.

By contrast, a society fueled by toxins, such as alcohol, would lead to, well, a world like the one we live in. And this issue doesn’t just get laid at the feet of capitalism either. The end result is the opposite of the above mentioned. Very little positive comes of it that involves everyone. Sure, some get wealthy, but that affects only so many; the rest suffering means nothing to anyone other than themselves.

In closingand closing I must, let me post this thing I just made. It’s something to think about and contemplate: I recommend a good sativa if at all possible!

What would this world look like




Drop the “Medical” bit, already!

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