It’s “official” :-) PPP

All, right, if it wasn’t obvious before, let me stand up with millions of other people and say this…I’ve come out of the closet! I’m “officially” changing my name to Holy  Hempress (after all, I am married to the Herb’n Monk)!! Of course I’m still Mrs Hameed 😉 but  I’m also morphing into…something – where it ends, only my Creator knows! Should be an interesting journey!

I’ve been writing a long time. I love to write and I find it very therapeutic! There’s so much controversy concerning cannabis and the legalization of it – understandable, really, if you consider than anything the Creator made is hated or tainted by man. No doubt about it – man is a trip. Egotistical, arrogant, hard-headed. But there are people who are willing to learn; willing to obey even when it’s opposed to the flesh. I’m one of those people who are willing to learn – willing to hear what needs to hear, not so much because I’m such a great person but because I’ve learned over the years that part of it is genetic and part of it is training and maturity. As the Bible says, “When I was a man (woman), I put away childish things…” and as anyone who has children knows, Children want their own way; they want to fight against everything adults tell them to do (you ought to meet mines – you would understand if you don’t already).

Heidi 2

I will be more active here on WordPress, God willing. I am working on setting up a work-at-home experience since I need to work, I am in the business and love cannabis, having found it helps me very much.

May the Creator bless you and keep you. I welcome communication!

Puff Puff Pass!

My beautiful picture

It’s “official” :-) PPP

6 thoughts on “It’s “official” :-) PPP

      1. mrshameed says:

        Working at it, ya know! Volunteering at a Food Pantry, helping the needy; trying to break into this fabulous business and figure out how to earn a living blogging since everyone seems to think I “have a way with words” 😉 PPP Bro

      2. mrshameed says:

        I saw that on your blog but don’t know anything about it, yet. I guess I just want to write- finish my novels and re-edit my one published book.

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