The Bible’s Stance on Cannabis

As anyone who comes to this site and my Facebook and my face can attest, I am a HUGE proponent of cannabis- the legalization, the imbibing and the Reeducation of it. I believe it to be a Constitutional right of mine and even more importantly, a SPIRITUAL right of mine. My FATHER made this wonderful plant and as usual, he did it to the extreme! Thousands of strains have come into existence because people used the creative energies they have to breed them, clone them, use the properties contained in them to heal illnesses that modern medicine can’t touch without causing side effects that are worse than the disease being  treated.  

A few minutes ago, while checking FB, I came across this picture and loved it!! 

For months, Raphael and I have done our part to bring awareness to people of the benefits, along with a host of others: Rick Simpson, Deannajean Fact and so many others, it’s hard to keep track! I love all these people; I thank God for people with spine enough to look to the healing of mankind. We all have work to do in our own lives. Lessons are nearly always born out of our own physical and emotional needs and this plant and the lessons we’ve learned from it are no exception! Personally, I have PTSD and it helps me sleep and feel refreshed the next day so that I can go to work and help as many people as possible without the depression seeping in and ruining my day before it’s even begun.

I thank my Father for creating this plant and I thank my husband for his knowledge and direction in learning and experiencing new things!

The Bible’s Stance on Cannabis

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