Very useful information for those cannabis connoisseurs out there!!

Stony – Relaxed – Couch Lock – Narcotic – Sedating – Sleepy
Name Flowing Time (Days) Seed Company Effects – High
1 Bahia Black Head 56/63 K C Brains Heavy indica stone, body, sleepy
2 BC God Bud 55/70 BC Bud Depot relaxing, dreamy, sedative
3 BC Sweet God 40/50 BC Bud Depot body ease, couch-lock
4 BC Sweet Tooth 40/50 BC Bud Depot couch-lock, strong, body-stone
5 Big Bang 63 Greenhouse Seeds Co muscle relaxing, strong, smooth
6 Big Bud 50/65 Sensi Seeds body relaxing
7 Black Domina 50 Sensi Seed Bank sleepy, relaxing
8 Brains Choice 63/84 KC Brains intense, stoney
9 Chocolate Chunk 55/62 T H Seeds strong, narcotic
10 El Nina 56/63 Greenhouse Seeds Co sleepy, sedating, stony
11 Endless Sky 42/50 Greenthumb Seeds stoney, spacey, dreamy
12 Hash Plant 40/45 Sensi Seed Bank body stone, relaxing
13 Heavy Duty Fruity 60/63 T H Seeds sleepy, couch-lock
14 Hindu Kush 49/56 Nirvana relaxing, sleepy, body stone
15 Ice 63/70 Nirvana stony, body high, strong-fuel like
16 KC # 39 49/63 K C Brains stoney, sleepy, relaxed
17 KC #42 63/84 K C Brains hazy, couch-lock (sativa)
18 LA Confidential 46/56 DNA Genetics strong, heavy, relaxing
19 Mango 63/70 KC Brains/Nirvana body stone
20 Master Kush 63/70 Nirvana body stone, relaxing, visual
21 Matanuska (Thunder fuck) Tundra 60/68 Sagarmatha sleepy
22 Mazar 56/64 Dutch Passionn heavy stone, couch-lock
23 Medicine Man 56/60 Mr Nice Seed Bank body stone, strong, sedating
24 Northern Lights 45/50 Nirvana Sensi Seed Bank narcotic, strong body stone
25 Pot of Gold 56/70 Flying Dutchmen couch-lock, intense, mesmerizing
26 Querkle 60 TGA-Subcool grape, indica high, strong, stoney
27 Romulan 56/60 Federation Seed Co strong, relaxing, body-high
28 Sensi Star 56/63 Paradise Seeds strong body stone, cerebral
29 Shark Shock 40/45 Mr Nice Seed Bank stony, intense
30 Sheherazade 56 Paradise Seeds body relaxing
31 Shiva 60/65 Homegrown Frantaseeds body stone
32 Shiva Skunk 45/55 Sensi Seeds stoney, psychedelic
33 Soma A+ 56 Soma’s Sacred Seeds physically relaxing
34 Spice 49/63 Mr Nice Seed Bank sleepy, powerful physical buzz
35 White KC 56/70 K C Brains body stone, sleepy
36 White Light 70/84 Soma’s Sacred Seeds relaxing, sensual
37 White Rhino 63 Greenhouse Seeds Co narcotic, relaxing body
38 White Shark 56/70 Greenhouse Seeds Co body stone, relaxing

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