Dear Family, Friends and allies

Once more, a change is upon us…tomorrow I am calling the Salvation Army and the R.J.Montgomery Center here in Colorado Springs to get my family into the shelter. Please be in prayer for us. We’ve been dealing with homelessness a long time and we yearn to have a place of our own. This is going to mean splitting up- Raphael will be in the men’s area and I will be in the women’s with Ish (unless we can get them to have Ish stay with Raphael which would be the best thing, as Raphael has taken care of Ish while I worked or went to school for 3/4 of his life.

We are excited by the prospect of leaving, no question. I am, and so is Raphael, scared to death while simultaneously understanding that this is what we need to do in order to get closer to town; for me to be able to take the class I need to take in order for us to get cash assistance until a job comes and to be closer to court so that I can get my license back, though it wasn’t my fault I lost it, still it wears on me as I am a law abiding citizen and would never in a million years, have risked my license for any reason. That’s water under the bridge and not worth going into. I have enough to deal with right now.

I don’t know who amongst you have been homeless, have dealt with it or lived it or known people who were, but I beg you, as a person who’s suffered more bullshit than I should have had to deal with, living in a “Godly” country (especially with a child involved and a happily put together family), to reach out to those who need help. Don’t wait till the “right family/individual” comes along- if you see a need- meet it. The church should have been knocking down my door to help- and they haven’t said a damn word. Few are the people I have been able to rely on, namely, the people of my house who are in this situation with me. The others have come and gone- done their bit then gone home and either prayed for us (very much appreciated) or forgotten all about us. They will answer to God for that- it’s not up to me.

I am here primarily to let any and all know, who read my blog or are following me, to patiently wait for my return. I know – most people don’t know who I am and pretty much could care less but for those who DO care- I love you and I will be back, God willing, before very long.

Thank you. Thank you for your prayers. This is hell on earth we are going through- children shouldn’t have to suffer like this and it rips my heart out to see the innocence with which Ish goes through life. Praise God he’s tough like Daddy and joyful like I normally am…with people like him in the world- there’s certainly hope yet.


Dear Family, Friends and allies

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