Looking for Cooperative Members

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I posted http://wp.me/p2L99F-1I and now our dream is one more step closer to beginning.

A couple of days ago I fell into a conversation with a man named Paul Ready. He said something to me because he “thought I was someone else”- i.e. my husband Raphael, The Herb’n Monk.

We got to talking and he mentioned how he was getting people together to start a cooperative here in Colorado just as soon as Governor Hickenlooper signs the legalization bill.

As we already had Monk’s Herb’n Lounge in mind, I sent him the page that I created and our dreams converged. His dream is a co-op, ours as explained. Now I’m in the process of looking for a fixer-upper kind of place with which we could make both dream come true.

We need co-op members. We need a place to make this dream come true and I’m looking- but could use your help, anyone who knows something, please let me know. Email me at heidihameed@gmail.com or hit me up on Facebook. This is a new venture and there’s plenty of room for interested people. On top of this, I’m new to Colorado Springs and don’t know the area well- if you do, I need you!

Raphael and I will be in charge of security and teaching (Raphael, not me) the steps to growing for those who don’t know- and are willing to be taught. We are setting a trend- and we need people who love cannabis to be on board with us.

I await your response…I will give more updated information as I go along and we get closer to the dream and it becomes more obvious what needs to be done.

Thanks so much!! PPP

Looking for Cooperative Members

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