Herb’n Monk’s Special Situation Strains

Legalization for Cannabis Worldwide

Cool & Wet Season Strains:

  1. New Purple Power (Nirvana)…Sour Kandy smell, 56-63 days. Puple Haze X Early Skunk (S) 1-2 lbs. 6 foot plant
  2. KC-33 (KC Brains) lemon smell, 63-77 days. Afghani Haze/Ukranian (I/S) 60/40 Cerebral-900 g/plant
  3. T.N.R. (KC Brains) 70-84 days. 12 foot plant. 1 kg. Thai Sticks
  4. KC-45 (KC Brains) Very lemony-Auto Flower. 56-70 days – Mid Sept S/R 50/Ruderalis 50
  5. Mangolian Indica (Sagarmatha)
  6. Balladonna (Paradise) Trippy. 60 days – Fruity & Pungent
  7. Lowryder #2 (High Bred Seeds by Joint Doctor) 56 days (seed to harvest). 10-16 inches high.
  8. Endless Sky(Green Thumb)
  9. Sweet 105 (105 days seed to finish) AUTO
  10. The Church (Green House) 63 days

Low Smelling Strains:

  1. Chocolate Chunk (I): 55-62 days (T.H.Seeds)
  2. Master Kush (I/S): 63-70 days (Nirvana)

Lemon-Citrus-Non (Pot)Smelling:

  1. Jack’s Cleaner- (TGA Seeds)
  2. Jack The Ripper (TGA Seeds)  (80/20 <S/I>) 56-63 days, 3 foot
  3. KC-33 (KC Brains)
  4. KC-45 (KC Brains)

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Herb’n Monk’s Special Situation Strains

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