What is so dangerous about this plant?


About seven years ago, I became aware there’s a war going on in this country over a plant. That’s right- a plant! A harmeless, wonderful-smelling plant that once imbibed through smoke or food, makes you want to sit down and relax, or meditate or sleep. It’s useful to prevent and treat cancer and other physical and emotional ailments. http://www.esoterictube.com/run-from-the-cure-the-rick-simpson-story.html

I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD for years (and had it for years before that) and I’ve found cannabis to be THE best remedy. I was on Zoloft for some time after I ended up in a “rubber room” because apparently biting one’s self isn’t normal <;0)> and it turned me crazy and palsy-itic, if that’s even a word. I just walked around all day shaking and unable to do ANYTHING. This was long before I knew about cannabis but I still had the will to LIVE and I got rid of them and just dealt with the heavy-duty depression that was my constant, totally unwanted companion.

Now, I’m a pretty simple person. To me, a spade is a spade. I know the law’s a convoluted place, no way around that, but really? A plant? The most insane thing about it is that the people who WANT it legalized appear to be higher in number than those who don’t but the POLITICIANS who make up and reinforce the laws in this country (I’ll leave the rest of the world alone as I live HERE <USA>) have it illegal for no other reason than control- they have it and don’t want us to have it. Apparently the fact that it’s a wonderful plant, has healing agents in it that everyone, INCLUDING the government, knows about is irrelevant.

This is the United States of America. We have a Constitution in this country allowing for the freedom to pursue those things that are toward “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Isn’t it interesting how those laws can be twisted and manipulated into “meaning” different things, dependant on the person who’s holding the controls? Far as I can see, my picking up a bong or a joint or eating a special brownie is right there within the parameters of all three of those items listed.

For those who are saying, “Well, you’re just twisting things around for your own benefit to make those things fit,” maybe you’re right. When in Rome…right? LOL Seriously, though, isn’t that the same logic used to allow private citizens to go to Walmart and buy guns? Guns, to my mind, have done a hell of a lot more damage than cannabis ever will! I’ve yet to hear of a couple students, dressed in black, hold an entire classroom up and say, “Smoke this bong.. or you’re dead!” No, both Columbine and Aurora are both testiment to the fact that guns are far too easy to get a hold of- and end up in the wrong hands (and the gunman of Aurora went and bought <at least some> of his stuff LEGALLY).

This is a control issue: it’s not a moral issue (ABORTION is legal, folks), it’s not a spiritual issue (though cannabis is used as a tool of meditation and very effectively), at least not in the eyes of the law. It’s a control issue because ANYONE with the ability to access the Internet, a ride to Home Depot for supplies and at least a rudimentary knowledge of growing can do it.

What is so dangerous about this plant?

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